Frequently Asked Questions

What type of steel are your attachments made of?

All of our attachments are made from Grade 50 steel, sourced from right here in the U.S.A.

Where are your attachments made?

Supporting American workers and their families is top priority for us, thats why all of our attachments are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

Do I have a residential address or a commercial address?

To be a commercial address your destination address must meet the following criteria: 1. Be in a zoned commercial area. 2. Be a business with normal business hours. Farms and home businessess are classified as residential. All delivery addresses both commercial and residential must have a machine of some kind to offload pallet.

Do your attachments come with a warranty?

Yes! All of our attachments come with a non-transferable one year warranty! This warranty covers manufacturer defects only(i.e. broken welds, prematurely leaking cylinders. Unfortunately, bending or any other like failure do to operator error are not covered under warranty.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We try to keep all of our attachments in stock, so most orders typically ship same day if ordered by 1pm EST and should arrive in 1-3 business days. Please call to recieve a more accurate ship time quote.

Can I order online and pickup in store?

Yes! If you would like to save money on shipping, you can select "store pickup" at checkout. We will quickly pull your attachment, put your name on it, and notify you as soon as it is available for pickup! Store pickups are typically ready same day.

How do I qualify for free shipping?

Easy! To qualify for free shipping you must place an order via the online store or over the phone with a total item count of four or more attachments. When checking out online, simply select the "free shipping" option at checkout and there you go! *Blank Plate Adapters and Trailer Spotters do not count towards total attachment count. *Order may be voided if delivery location is in a"High cost area".

Will your attachments fit my machine?

You bet! All of our attachments are designed and built with the universal skid steer quick attach. 95% of all skid steer loaders and compact track loaders utilize this design. Also, most compact tractors from brands like Kubota, New Holland, Mahindra, Massy Ferguson, Kioti, LS, and others use this design as well. John Deere currently uses their own John Deere Quick Attach style hookup. We currently offer pallet forks as well as snow pushers that are fitted with this style of quick attach!

What is the snow pusher pull bar used for?

The added pull bar on a snow pusher allows you to easily back drag snow away from garage doors, off of sidewalks, and other hard to plow areas where precision in a must. Our snow pushers come standard with a 3/8"x 6" steel cutting edge. A steel cutting edge gives you the ability to remove icy or packed snow more effectively. If you would rather fit your pull bar with a rubber cutting edge, simply make a note at checkout!

What are pull bar skid shoes?

When you order your snow pusher with the pull bar option added, you can also add additional wear skid shoes to the front of your snow pusher! These shoes protect the containment sides of your snow pusher when utilizing the pull bar, as well as extending the life of the pull bar cutting edge.

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